Discover the 4-step

framework to

eliminating chronic pain

— (think nagging back, neck and shoulder pain) with...

The Pain-Free Body Blueprint 

without being strapped to ice 24/7 or exceeding Advil's recommended daily dose.

Yes I want to be Pain-Free!!

Plus you'll get my most watched videos to get rapid relief from annoying aches, tightness and stiffness today!

"I already have almost no pain in my neck and scapula area that has been a constant problem for the past few years!"

Dr. Jody Krukowski
Naturopath and Boy Mom

If the first thing  you do is grab Aleve in the morning then keep reading...

Want to finish the day without that dull ache in your back that NEVER goes away? ugg.

Ready to get up from a chair, glide down flights of stairs or go for a run without feeling like someone stabbed you in the knee with an ice pick?

I’m here to tell you it’s possible to be pain free.

Even if you've had these aches and pains for years or have tried everything- including YouTube videos, chiro, acupuncture, massage, braces, lotions and pills. 

Inside the Pain-Free Body Blueprint I’ll show you what most practitioners miss and help you:

Uncover the real reason the aches, pains and tension keep coming back and never really go away for good

⚉ Learn the 3 simple steps you can do in less than 20 minutes a day to finally get and stay pain free

Unlock the power of building up your health reserves now to be resilient against stress, illness and injury (and say bye bye to inflammation and pain)

⚉ Discover why missing any of these S.M.A.R.T. Movement Principles = Pain, Injury and Fatigue

I’m Dr. Yvonne Castillo and I've cracked the code to staying pain free naturally...

without endless painkillers, potions or trips to the doc.

As the founder of Perseverance Wellness Solutions, I've helped 1K+ women stop chasing their symptoms with ineffective pills and procedures, and finally fix the true source of their pain with my proven 3-step mobility method.

Clients have reported to be able to go for 4-mile beach walks with their partner without limping, no longer having to piece together a “program” from YouTube praying it’ll take away the pain and to finally sleep through the night without having to get up to ice, switch beds or pop fistfuls of Aleve at 2 am!

When I’m not helping women become pain-free you can find me running at the beach or hiking the trails of Santa Barbara with my sweet Ridgeback Paolo, in the garden transplanting my latest succulent explosion or battling over a “friendly” game of Mexican Train with my family.

Release, restore and strengthen your body with these 5 minute videos...

 A simple self massage routine to release the nagging neck tension that’s causing headaches, fatigue and old lady posture.

→ The stretch flow that’ll release and unlock tight tense muscles that leave you bound up after a day of being a slave to driving, texting and the computer.

→ How to strengthen your back by finally getting your core to fire and NOT those darn hip flexors (it’s also the secret sauce to ditching the mom pouch and pancake butt 😄)

If you're "DONE" being in constant pain and putting your life on hold then….

I created this guide for you . If you’re ready to finally say goodbye to pain and hello to your body feeling like it did when you were a kid (yep—it’s possible) then grab the Pain Free Body Blueprint.

Yes I want to be Pain-Free!!

"It's luxurious! Not to mention, I noticed results
within just a few days!

Dr. Castillo has been one of the best things that ever happened to my health.

Her 3S Mobility Method really opened eyes to what was causing my backpain. "When you're tight and bound up, it's being in a straight jacket". That statement from her made me realize that I needed to soften and stretch regularly.

Her simple upper body self massage is something I look forward to doing 1-2 times per day. "It's luxurious! Not to mention, I noticed results just a few days.

I've so many other things - chiropractic sessions, massages, acupuncture - I truly think that Dr. Castillo has the real solution to reducing and eliminating pain. I haven't come across another practitioner with this approach.

Thank you for your wisdom and fashion for helping people better and maintain their health!

Kristin Denne Tallent
Clinician, Pharmacist and Proud Mama

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